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DNC Registry

The “National Do Not Call Registry” is here to stay after a federal court ruled this week that the new government service does not violate the Constitution. Since going online nearly five months ago, the “Registry” now stands guard over 55 million telephone numbers. The Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission reported this week that they received 150,409 complaints last year, which they say shows exceptional compliance by telemarketers. In sorting the data, the FTC says there were just over 55,000 specific company names against which complaints were lodged. Fewer than 45 of those companies had more than 100 complaints filed against them. Also, a Harris Interactive survey released this week indicates that more than half of all U.S. adults say that they have signed up for the registry. Ninety-two percent of those who signed up report receiving fewer telemarketing calls, and twenty-five percent of those registered say they have received no telemarketing calls since signing up. Last week, the FTC announced a proposal to amend the “Do Not Call” provisions of the “Telemarketing Sales Rule” to require that telemarketers access the “Registry” and purge numbers on the “Registry” from their call lists every month. The TSR currently requires telemarketers to do this on a quarterly basis. For more information: “”:

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