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Space Rewards

American Express is taking its “Membership Rewards” program above the stratosphere and into the mesosphere with a new option to redeem points for space flight experiences. For 20 million points you can reserve a seat for a ride aboard a sub-orbital spacecraft that will climb to an altitude of 62 miles, expose you to experience several minutes of weightlessness and treat you to Earth views from space. The experience is from Space Adventures Ltd. which offers a wide range of programs, from zero-gravity and edge of space flights, cosmonaut training and space flight qualification programs, to reservations on future sub-orbital spacecraft. For one million “Membership Rewards” points you can experience zero-gravity flight by traveling in a specially outfitted jet aircraft that is used to train astronauts to work and test equipment in a weightless environment. For three million “Membership Rewards points you can fly in a MiG-25 supersonic jet at Mach 2.5 and above 80,000 feet, where you can see the curvature of the Earth and the blackness of space. For more information visit “” or “”

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