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Card Colors

The range of card colors is heading down scale from gold, platinum, and titanium, to bronze and silver cards. This week, Citibank introduced the “Citi Bronze AAdvantage MasterCard” for frequent travelers, and Household Bank/Orchard Bank is currently promoting its “Silver MasterCard” to consumers with lower credit scores. American flag cards are also spreading among the card industry. This month, Capital One is marketing its “American Flag Platinum MasterCard.” Discover pioneered the “Flag” card in early 2001 and Providian followed with a “Flag” card after 9/11. However some card designs are out of bounds. This week MBNA withdrew a card that used a photo showing three New York firefighters hoisting an American flag at “Ground Zero.” The New York Daily News ran a front-page story last Friday about the card with the headline “Profits of Doom.” The story produced an outrage by 9/11 victims’ families.

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