Consumer Payment Card News

Zero% 2005

The zero percent APR for bank credit cards is still alive and well, even though there are rumblings that the Feds may jack-up short-term rates by the end of 2004. Fleet is now offering a 0% interest rate on new purchases through June 2005 on its “Platinum VISA,” while Citibank and Advanta are offering the 0% rates through April of next year. Citibank’s rate applies to only to balance transfers on its “AT&T Universal MasterCard,” and Advanta’s rate also is limited to balance transfers on its “Business MasterCard.” Chase is offering a 0% rate on balance transfers through March 2005. However, Discover tops the list with a 0% APR on balance transfers for “life.” As with any 0% offer watch out for balance transfer fees, payment application methods, and other hoops you must jump through to preserve the rate.

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