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Card Mail

Letter carrier’s have a lighter load these days thanks to a pull-back in credit card marketing. Direct mail credit card offers declined 12% last year to 4.3 billion after peaking at 5.0 billion two years ago. Over the past five years, Americans have received 20.5 billion solicitations, responding to about 125 million of the offers. Synovate’s “Mail Monitor” reports that during 2003, U.S. issuers sent 1.27 billion reward offers and 900 million cash rebates offers to consumers. In 2002, 810 million rewards offers and 680 million cash rebate card offers were sent. Response rates remained at 0.6% compared 0.7% in 2000. Synovate says that, on average, each month 69% of U.S. households received 4.8 offers during 2003 compared to 75% of households receiving 5.1 offers during 2002. The researcher says that 90% of credit card direct mail comes from the 10 largest card issuers. Half of those issuers cut back last year causing the overall decline in mail volume.

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