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Diners MasterCard

Diners Club is about to join the “Power Club” as it migrates to the MasterCard network by the end of this year. The expanded acceptance of the world’s first charge card will empower Diners cards to take on American Express and siphon off some spending now captured on VISA and Discover cards. Citigroup and MasterCard International this week confirmed they are in talks to expand acceptance of “Diners Club” cards to MasterCard’s worldwide network. The deal is basically done, except for project timing, logistics, and other details of the implementation. The alliance would allow “Diners Club” cards that are issued in the USA and Canada to be reissued with the MasterCard brand on the front of the card in order to function as MasterCard cards worldwide. “Diners Club” cards issued by Diners Club International franchises (outside the USA and Canada) will include the MasterCard brand on the back of the card, allowing these cards to be accepted at MasterCard merchants in the U.S. and Canada and processed as MasterCard transactions. When these cards are used outside of the United States or Canada, they will continue to be accepted and processed by Diners Club as they are today. Diners Club says there are no changes to its products or programs planned at this time. In the USA and Canada, Citigroup offers the “Diners Club” charge card, the “Carte Blanche” charge card, and the “Montage” credit card via Diners Club. Worldwide, Diners Club is issued in more than 200 countries and 70 local currencies. For more information visit: “”:

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