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Payment Preference

A new study has found that PIN debit purchasers are the most satisfied with their chosen payment method, followed closely by credit card users and signature debit users. According to the recent research, when consumers choose debit over other payment methods, it is chiefly because they believe it is faster and easier. The second most frequently cited reason for choosing debit is avoiding credit balances and interest. The option to receive cash back was rated much lower, and sweepstakes and promotions have little impact on the choice of payment among debit users. The study, commissioned by PULSE EFT Association and conducted by Analytica, found that when asked how they would respond if a merchant stopped accepting their debit card, 81.4% of participants said they would be “very unhappy,” and 29.7% said they would stop using the merchant. If merchants began charging to accept debit cards, 79.2% of respondents would be unhappy, and of those, 37.4% said they would switch to a different payment method and 21.2% said they would stop using the merchant. Similarly, if financial institutions began charging a fee for debit card payments, 85.3% of respondents reported they would be “extremely dissatisfied,” and 43.7% said they would change institutions.

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