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DNC Anniversary

Since its launch one year ago the “National Do Not Call Registry” has registered about 62 million phone numbers in the USA. The FTC said last week that since October 2003, consumers submitted 428,764 complaints. In sorting the complaint data, the FTC found that there were more than 130,000 company names against which complaints were lodged. Only about 200 of those had 100 or more complaints each. A recent “Customer Care Alliance” survey illustrates the effectiveness of and widespread consumer satisfaction with the “Do Not Call Registry.” Sixty percent of the consumers surveyed said they had registered, and 87% of those registered report receiving fewer calls, an estimated decrease of 24 calls per month. A Harris Interactive poll conducted last winter indicated that 92% of the consumers who signed up are receiving less calls, and 25% are not receiving any calls. According to the FTC data, 83%, or more than 50 million, of the phone numbers on the “Do Not Call Registry” came from consumer registrations while 61% were registered on the Internet, and 22% using the toll-free number. Seventeen percent, approximately 10 million phone numbers, were transferred from existing state registries. Eighty-two percent of consumer complaints were filed online.
Consumers who wish to register their phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry may do so at any time by visiting or calling 1-888-382-1222 from the number they want to register. Consumers who register online must have a valid e-mail address and must click on a link received in their e-mail to complete their registration. Registration is free. Consumers may file also file a complaint at or by calling the toll-free number.

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