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BabyCenter Card

New and expectant parents can start bankrolling their kid’s college savings plan via a new credit card. The “BabyCenter MasterCard” enables cardholders to earn rebates swept into an investment account. Cardholders automatically earn a 1% rebate on all purchases and, with their registration in the “BabyCenter Savings Program,” parents earn an additional 5% rebate from purchases at the BabyCenter Store along with bonus rebates from hundreds of participating merchants. Cardholders can direct their rebates into an investment plan such as a 529 college savings plan, money market account, mutual fund, or savings account. The new card is being issued by MBNA, the nation’s third largest issuer of bank credit cards. Atlanta-based Vesdia is the savings engine behind the program. Vesdia also runs the successful “BabyMint” and “NestEggz” programs. For more information visit: “”:

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