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What Fee?

Retailers say shoppers are steaming mad when they get a bank statement showing a fee for using a PIN number when making a debit card purchase. Because of the way it is listed on the bank statement, consumers apparently assume the fee is charged by the retailer and not the bank. As a result, they march into the store, and in no uncertain terms sprinkled with expletives, demand a full refund of the fee. Therefore, the National Retail Federation is hopping mad at banks for creating these irate customers. The NRF has asked the Federal Reserve Board to require more disclosure on such fees. In the July 23 comments, NRF asked the FRB to require any bank that charges a fee for PIN transactions to “fully disclose the fee it will charge and the name of the bank that will receive the fee.” The NRF says a bank should be required to reveal that it is already receiving an interchange fee, and to bear all costs of disclosure, including any hardware or software the merchant would be required to install. If banks are not required to make meaningful disclosure and pay for related costs, they should be barred from charging PIN fees, the NRF said. The NRF says the bank fees range from $0.50 to $1.50 per transaction.

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