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It walks and talks like a credit card, it’s not a debit card, it is not exactly a charge card, and it produces rewards. What am I? It’s a platinum VISA credit card linked to a checking account that is automatically paid-off each month. The innovative combination is the brainchild of Minnesota-based TCF Financial. The new, free “TCF Miles Plus VISA” credit card is packaged with the high-yielding “TCF Premier Checking Plus” account. TCF says the program is uniquely suited for customers who maintain checking account balances of $5,000 or more and pay off their credit card balance each month. Cardholders of the new “TCF Miles Plus VISA” credit card earn one point for every dollar of purchases made with their card. The points can be used as miles for free air travel. TCF customers receive a combined account statement, which shows not only all checking account activity but also all of their credit card purchases made with their “Miles Plus” card during the same time period. Card purchases are then automatically deducted from the checking account 15 days after the statement is generated. TCF is also offering its new “Premier Checking Plus” customers 5,000 points to get their reward account started after their first card purchase. For more information visit: “”:

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