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Discover wants its cardholders to give merchants the finger when making a purchase. The nation’s sixth largest credit card issuer is taking a quantum leap to promote a new payment service that allows shoppers to pay with their Discover Card using the touch of a finger. Discover was the first issuer to introduce a key chain credit card with the launch of the “Discover 2GO Card” in 2002. So it comes as no surprise that Discover has latched on to the cutting-edge technology of biometric payments. In partnership with San Francisco-based Pay By Touch, Discover will promote the new service to its 50 million cardholders in the USA. Last month, four Piggly Wiggly grocery stores in South Carolina began offering Pay By Touch’s biometric payment system, giving customers the option of paying for groceries using a finger scan linked to their financial accounts. Pay By Touch users enroll one-time by scanning their finger, entering a search code, swiping their Discover Card or other payment cards, and adding their checking account information. There is no cost to the consumer. The Pay By Touch wallet is then stored at secure IBM data centers. The Pay By Touch finger scanning technology does not store actual fingerprints; instead, it creates a set of 40 data points that cannot be reverse-engineered to a fingerprint. The data points are then converted into a mathematical equation that allows for a secure identity match at retail point of sale. For additional information, visit “”

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