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NFL Fans

Do you have a special or “quirky” way that you get pumped for an NFL game? If so, VISA wants to possibly feature it in a TV ad or better yet, help you win a free pass to the “Super Bowl.” VISA’s new “Get Ready for the Game” promotion is offering ten trips to the “Super Bowl” and sixteen $500 gift cards as prizes. NFL fans can e-mail VISA their pre-game stories and read about how others get ready for a game. At least ten pre-game rituals will be featured in VISA national television advertisements this year. Each spot highlights a different fan or player getting ready for an NFL game. Once the commercials are launched, each will be posted on the Visa NFL Web page where visitors can view the spots and vote on which one they like the best.

One of the stories to be featured soon is about a fan in Alaska. “Every year I would sit at home and watch football from inside my living room, but I missed the experience of being outside at the game and cheering on my team,” said Bob Madara, an NFL fan in Anchorage. “So, I went outside, built an igloo, and used my VISA card to stock it with some refreshments and a television. After the Steelers won that first game, I made it a weekly ritual to watch games from inside my igloo.”

VISA is also offering everyone a automatic chance to win a trip to “Super Bowl” just by using their VISA card during the NFL season.

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