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Diners MasterCard

It’s official – Diners Club cards in the USA and Canada will become MasterCards over the next several months. The redesigned cards will be issued in a phased approach, beginning with corporate and personal “Diners Club” cards across Canada in November. Diners Club also plans to offer cards enhanced with MasterCard acceptance to new U.S. corporate customers by the end of this year. Phase two of the implementation will include distribution of the enhanced cards to existing “Diners Club” cardholders in the USA. “Diners Club” cards issued by Diners Club International franchises (outside the USA and Canada) will include the MasterCard brand on the back of the card, enabling these cards to be accepted at MasterCard merchants in the U.S. and Canada, and processed as MasterCard credit card transactions. When these cards are used outside of the USA or Canada, they will continue to be accepted and processed by “Diners Club” as they are today. For more information visit “”:

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