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Even though reward programs are heavily promoted by credit card issuers, consumers prefer a low interest rate or no annual fee most of all. Nearly half of Americans (47%) say a low interest rate is the most valuable credit card feature, while one-fourth say no annual fee is the best feature. According to a homepage poll conducted between September 7th and 28th, only 21% of the 1,302 participants designated rewards for purchases as the most valuable credit card feature. Slightly more than 3% say a high credit limit is the biggest attraction while about 2% say online account access is the most valuable. Less than 2% says automatic discounts are the key feature they look for in a credit card offer. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus approximately 4.0 percentage points.

table{margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}.
|_2. HOMEPAGE POLL 9-7 to 9-28 |
|_2. Question: Which of the following is the most |
|_2. valuable credit card feature? |
|_. Low Interest Rate | 47% |
|_. No Annual Fee | 25% |
|_. Rewards for Purchases | 21% |
|_. High Credit Limit | 3% |
|_. Online Account Access | 2% |
|_. Automatic Discounts | 2% |
|_2. Source:, Inc. (R) |

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