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The “Circuit City VISA” card has been rewired with a new rewards program and powered by a new issuer. This week, Chase launched the “Circuit City Rewards VISA” card after acquiring the co-branded program from Circuit City on May 25th. The new card program offers five reward points on all Circuit City purchases and a one reward point on all other purchases. Rewards are redeemable for store certificates starting at $5 in exchange for 500 points. Customers who do not qualify for a “Circuit City Rewards VISA” card may qualify for a Circuit City private-label card, which offers the same rewards program. Chase says Circuit City stores will continue to accept existing Circuit City cards and “Circuit City Plus VISA” cards. However, eligible consumers can choose to upgrade their existing Circuit City cards to the new card. In May, Richmond, VA-based Circuit City sold its $1.8 billion private-label credit card operation, including both its private-label Circuit City credit card accounts and its co-branded “Circuit City Plus VISA” credit card accounts, to Bank One, now part of Chase. Circuit City also became an agent of Chase/Bank One under a seven-year contract. For more information on the new card visit: “”:

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