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Duetto Card

A ground-breaking payment card that combines a general purpose credit card and rewards with a stored-value card is celebrating its first birthday this week. The “Starbucks Card Duetto VISA” enables Starbucks junkies the power to pay, reload, earn and redeem rewards conveniently with one card. Cardholders earn 1% in “Duetto Dollars” with every VISA purchase made with the “Duetto Card.” Each month, these “Duetto Dollars” are loaded directly onto the “Starbucks Card Account” for use at Starbucks. Cardholders can also load funds to the “Starbucks Card Account” at any time. Cardholders earn 3% back in “Duetto Dollars” whenever they reload the “Starbucks Card Account” using the “VISA Account” of the “Duetto Card.”

Bank One/Chase, the issuer of the card, and Starbucks, say that 70% of “Duetto” cardholders use the “Starbucks Card” account, and that nearly 20% of “Duetto” cardholders use automatic reload. Also, the average amount that “Duetto Card” customers reload onto their “Starbucks Card” account is 40% higher than on the original “Starbucks Card.” Additionally, 61% of “Duetto Card” cardholders list the “Duetto Card” as their primary credit card. For more information visit: “”:

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