Consumer Payment Card News

Got Float?

Next week could be a nightmare for consumers who make bill payments before depositing their paycheck. The days of playing the float with your checking account will end this week, giving consumers one more reason to pay their bills with a credit card instead of a check. On October 28th, the “Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act,” a/k/a “Check 21,” will take effect in the USA. “Check 21” enables banks to accept electronic images of checks as proof of payment rather than the physical paper checks. As a result, checks will soon be processed as quickly as ATM and PIN debit card purchases. For consumers, this means bounced checks and nasty bank fees. If you want some float on your bills, then switch to using a credit card that you pay-off each month. Better yet, get a credit card that gives something back for each transaction like air miles or points. Until this week, paying bills on a credit card saved you time and 37 cents in postage. Now it might you save you $37 in a NSF returned check charge!

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