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Gas Cutter

East Coast SUV owners will love a new credit card that gives 10% cash back on gas purchases for the first 90 days, and 5% thereafter. With pump prices well above $2 per gallon, the new “HESS VISA Platinum” card can cut $5 or more off each fill-up during the upcoming holiday season, enough for a “Big ‘n Nasty” meal at the local Mickey Dees. Besides the gas cash back, the card offers a 1% rebate on all other purchases. The current interest rate varies between 11.74% and 17.74%, depending on credit risk. There is no annual fee. The new card is a product of a partnership between Amerada Hess and Chase. Chase has extensive experience with gas partnerships since it was the first issuer of the “Shell MasterCard” and the current issuer of the “Marathon Platinum MasterCard.” Shell also offers the “PerfectCard” which features a generous rebate on gas purchases regardless of the brand. Hess has more than 1,250 locations in 14 states on the East Coast. For more info visit: “”

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