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“All the News That’s Fit to Print,” “All the Coffee That’s Hip to Drink,” and the card that is “Everywhere You Want to Be” have come together in a special offer. Through December 31st, the “Starbucks Card Duetto VISA” is offering new cardholders a free six-week subscription to The New York Times Sunday edition. Additionally new cardholders get $10 “Duetto” dollars loaded on their card. The “Starbucks Card Duetto VISA” is the first payment card to combine credit card functionality and rewards with a re-loadable stored-value card. “Duetto” cardholders earn 1% in “Duetto Dollars” with every VISA purchase made with the card. Each month, these “Duetto Dollars” are loaded directly onto the “Starbucks Card Account” for use at Starbucks. Cardholders can also load funds to the “Starbucks Card Account” at any time. Cardholders earn 3% back in “Duetto Dollars” whenever they reload the “Starbucks Card Account” using the “VISA Account” of the “Duetto Card.” The card recently celebrated its first anniversary. For more information on the latest promotion visit: “”:

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