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Fancy Cards

MasterCard and VISA are experimenting overseas with some fancy cards. MasterCard has come up with series of jewel-encrusted card cases and VISA is adding light and sound to its cards. The new “MasterCard Jewel Cards” are sleekly designed card cases encrusted with a variety of glittering precious and semi-precious stones in different settings. Each “Jewel Card” case comes with a unique clip mechanism allowing cardholders to insert their MasterCard cards into the case of their choice. There are a total of 13 designs, two of which are designed for men. The new card cases were unveiled in Bangkok. Meanwhile, DBS Bank of Singapore has become the first to launch the new “VISA Light” card which incorporates a mini-flashlight. Other new cards include the “VISA Sound” card and “VISA Display” card. When prompted by a button, the “Sound” card plays a 10-second pre-recorded song, branded jingle, personalized message or virtually any other sound desired by an issuer or cardholder. Designed to enhance single or multi-application smart card functionality, The “Display” card screen can be programmed to show and store a wide variety of information, such as transaction details, card balances (on pre-paid payment products), currency conversions, loyalty points, special messages and a range of other non-financial data. No word on when the new products may hit the USA.

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