Consumer Payment Card News


If you’ve got pristine credit you might be able to qualify for a free major credit card that carries an interest rate equal to the prime rate. Now that interest rates are rising, Capital One has introduced the “PrimeLock Platinum Card” which adjusts its interest rate monthly according to the current prime rate, now 5.0%. Ten years ago, Atlanta-based Wachovia pioneered the “Prime for Life” VISA and MasterCard. However, the Wachovia card carried an annual fee of $88 for standard cards, and $98 for gold cards. Other issuers later introduced similar prime +0% offers, but always with a stiff fee. The new Capital One “PrimeLock Platinum Card” breaks new ground by waiving the annual fee. However, with a very low interest rate, card issuers are very selective on who gets the rate as well as the credit line. Previous super low rate cards offered very conservative credit limits, usually less than $2,000. While Capital One does not promote its credit limit with the new card they make it very clear that this offer is by invitation only. If you still want more information visit “” or wait by your mailbox.

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