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Spa Cards

The gift card industry is quickly massaging its way into the spa market. This week, three new cards were launched for beauty and health services. The “giveBeauty Gift Card” can be used at health and beauty professionals nationwide participating in the giveBeauty network. The value that is purchased on the “giveBeauty” card is exactly what the recipient gets, with no added activation fees, usage or non-usage fees. Also, the gift card has no expiration date. Red Door Spas also introduced the “Lifetime Guest Card” which offers a lifetime of unlimited pampering, rest and relaxation at its spas nationwide. The “Lifetime Guest Card” allows the purchaser to select the card’s monthly dollar amount, ranging from $200 to $2,000. Once services have been redeemed up to the preset amount, the gift card is automatically replenished at the beginning of each month and the refill is reflected on the purchaser’s credit card. Day Spas of America also offers a gift card for its services. The firms says its card has been extra hot this year with sales up more than 30%. For more information visit: “”: or “”:

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