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Score Watch

A new service has been launched to enable consumer to track their credit scores. Equifax and Fair Isaac have partnered to launch “Score Watch,” which continuously monitors subscribers’ Equifax credit file for changes that can affect their FICO scores. Once a change is detected, “Score Watch” alerts subscribers via email or wireless text message, advising them to visit a secured Web site for a detailed explanation of the change in credit status. If the subscriber’s credit score changes by a significant amount due to changes in their credit file, the “Score Watch” alert will also include their up-to-date score. “Score Watch” subscribers also can preset a target score and be notified when they reach it, a valuable service for consumers who are aiming to qualify for a mortgage, home equity, or auto loan at a lower interest rate. “Score Watch” is available for $7.95 per month or $79.95 for 12 months. For more information visit: “”: or “”:

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