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0% APR 2006

Despite the climb in the prime rate since last summer, from 4.00% to 5.25%, card issuers are continuing to crank out offers for 0% interest rates. Some top issuers are now offering 0% interest rates on purchase and balance transfers through April 2006. However, most of these offers are only available via the mail. Chase is offering 0% on purchases and balance transfers through April 06, on one of its “Platinum MasterCard” products. Chase is also waiving the fee for balance transfers with the offer. Citibank is offering a 0% rate on balance transfers though next April on its “Diamond Preferred MasterCard.” However, the 0% rate will expire in January 2006 unless you charge at least $100 in the first three months of the issuance, and “do not default under any card agreement.” Bank One’s (now Chase) “Reader’s Digest Platinum MasterCard’ is also offering a 0% rate on balance transfers and new purchases through next April. Other major issuers, such as Providian and U.S. Bank, also have 0% offers running into 2006, according to CardWatch (“”:

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