Consumer Payment Card News Bonus

If you hold one of United Airline’s “Mileage Plus VISA” cards then you’re in a position to accumulate a ton of status qualifying and redeemable miles this year. Under the new program for 2005, cardholders will earn “Elite Qualifying Miles” and double redeemable miles for every dollar spent on “EQM” are valid toward “Mileage Plus” elite status: “Premier” (25,000 miles minimum); “Premier Executive” (50,000 miles minimum), and “1K” (100,000 miles minimum). The new program applies to the “Signature VISA Card,” “Signature Gold Class VISA Card,” “Platinum Business Card” and the “Mileage Plus Debit Card.” Chase/Bank One issues the “Mileage Plus VISA” card. For more information visit: “”:

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