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Today's Affluent

A new study on today’s young and newly affluent consumers has found that such consumers clip coupons more than other Americans. The research on individuals aged 35-54, whose household income is at least $125,000 per year, also found that such consumers are more concerned about passing along honesty and integrity to their children than money or status. The VISA research revealed that two-thirds of “New Affluent” consumers surveyed say they regularly shop at club discount or warehouse stores. This compares to less than half of the general population sample doing the same. Almost four-in-five of “New Affluents” surveyed say they have a payment card that enables them to earn rewards and enjoy perks. This is significantly higher than the general population (38%). Sixty-five percent of “New Affluent” consumers surveyed say they like to do everything they can to maximize rewards on their payment cards.

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