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Emerging Markets

Credit card acceptance continues to expand, especially into smaller purchases. Last year, VISA reported that fast food sales on credit/debit cards, which average about $12 per sale, increased 67%, while small ticket sales, $5.00 or less, grew by more than 25%. Other emerging markets for credit and debit cards include: bill payment, business-to-business, government, and charitable/social service organizations. In 2004, VISA’s U.S. volume in new and emerging merchant segments increased 25.2% to more than $152.7 billion, compared to 2003.

                    VISA USA's GROSS DOLLAR VOLUME

                                                Volume     Growth Rate
Category                                     (in billions)  (vs. 2003)
--------                                     ------------- -----------
Bill Payment                                    $69.9         24.7%
Business-to-Business                            $43.6         23.9%
Government                                      $26.4         15.6%
Quick Service Restaurants                       $10.8         67.0%
Small Tickets                                   $ 6.5         25.3%
Charitable/Social Service Organizations         $ 2.2         28.6%
                  Source: VISA USA

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