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Diners & MasterCard

Citibank will begin distribution of its new “Diners Club” cards enhanced with MasterCard acceptance in May. One major change affecting consumer cardholders is the reduction of the period before a late charge is imposed. Diners Club is cutting the period from two billing cycles to one for all consumer cardholders. Corporate cardholders will continue to have two billing cycles to pay without penalty. Also, additional cardholders on an account will no longer be liable to Diners Club for their charges, only the primary cardholder will be responsible. Diners is also modifying its “Club Rewards” program by cutting the points awarded in half, along with reducing the point requirements of redemption options by 50%. Diners says the “Club Rewards” changes will not result in any reduction in the value of the points. There are no changes in annual fees for the new enhanced “Diners Club” cards, Additionally, Diners is adding some new complimentary benefits on all cards such as “Roadside Assistance.” Citibank issues the “Diners Club” card (consumer/professional and corporate) and the “Carte Blanche” card in the USA. All three cards are bring enhanced with MasterCard acceptance. At this time the Diners’ “Montage” credit card is not being enhanced. For more information visit: “”:

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