Consumer Payment Card News


You can now e-file and pay your personal income tax without being charged a fee if you use a “Discover” card or a “MasterCard Debit” card. The only catch is you have to shell out at least $29.95 to purchase one of H&R Block’s online tax services. Taxpayers using credit or debit cards for tax payments generally pay a convenience fee between 2.25% and 3.00%. Discover is now waiving the fee on its credit cards as along as you file online and through H&R Block. Additionally, Discover cardholders earn a “Cashback Bonus” award of up to 1% when they use their “Discover Card” to pay their preparation fees and any taxes due. MasterCard is also waiving the convenience fee for Federal Tax Year 2004 Form 1040 balance due payments on its debit card only. MasterCard also requires cardholders to file online via H&R Block. The H&R Block services are being offered at a discounted rate via Discover and MasterCard. The “Standard” service has been discounted to $29.95 while the “Premium” service is now $39.95, and the “Signature” service costs $79.95. For more information on the Discover/H&R Block offer visit: “” . For more information on the MasterCard/H&R Block offer visit “”

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