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FICO Myths

True or False? — Getting a better paying job, inheriting a bunch of money, or winning the lottery will directly raise your credit score. While many Americans have climbed the learning curve on credit scores, there are still some who believe that credit scores are derived from what you have versus what you owe. A new survey has found that 45% of consumers incorrectly think that increasing one’s income will increase one’s credit score. The most common credit score used today is the one developed by Fair Isaac called FICO. According to the survey conducted last month for the Consumer Federation of America and Fair Isaac, 49% said that a FICO score represents credit availability, debt levels, or credit IQ, or that they did not know what it represents. Truth is: FICO scores, which range from 300-850, are based on your payment history (35%); how much you owe (30%); the length of your credit history (15%); the type of credit you use (10%), and and applying for new credit (10%). To help consumers learn the credit score game, the Federal Citizen Information Center has a free brochure titled “Your Credit Scores.” To review the publication visit: “”:, “”:, and “”:

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