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About one fourth of college students rely on credit cards to pay a portion of their tuition and fees. Students cite the loan limits set for government programs as a contributing factor. The February study on Minnesota State Colleges and Universities found that 37% of students use credit cards for other educational expenses, such as books, supplies or special equipment. Most students indicate they will not be able to pay off their credit card balances while in school. The research also showed that 81% of the students work. Over half of these students work at least 30 hours a week while attending college. That includes 17% who said they work more than 40 hours a week. Full-time students work an average of nearly 28 hours a week, and part-time students work an average of 36 hours a week. Only one-quarter of those surveyed said their parents pay some or all of their educational expenses. About 95% reported their parents are not helping them repay their student loans.

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