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Aiken Card

American Idol’s Clay Aiken has landed a mug shot on a new MasterCard. However, the new “MYplash MasterCard” is a prepaid card that carries a ton of fees. The initial fee to get a card is $16.95, plus a minimum initial load of $10.00. There is also a membership fee of $11.99 used to cover discounts, promotions and artist merchandise available to cardholders. At the time of purchase you will be charged a total of $28.94 plus your load amount. If a card is purchased over the phone there will be an additional processing fee of $6.00. Card load fees range from $1.00 to $6.75, based on the dollar amount loaded at one time, up to $250. The card is good for a maximum of two years after the date of activation. For more information visit: “”

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