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Phishers of Men

A global network of criminals trying to steal your identity represents a clear and present danger. A new survey has found that as many as 54 million Americans may have been the victims of ID-related fraud, now primarily driven by phishing expeditions. The survey from credit card powerhouse First Data and its STAR network, reveals that 37% of consumers have received a phishing e-mail, while 19% said they have received a phishing phone call. Of those consumers who said they were contacted by phishers, 5% trusted the phishers enough to provide the requested personal information. Of those who said they provided information, 45% reported that the information was used to make an unauthorized transaction, open an account, or commit another type of identity theft. First Data says that in the past year, this contributed to the approximately two million new identity theft victims from phishing alone. Phishers, or fraudsters, may pose as financial institutions, credit card companies, retailers, government agencies or other entities with which consumers have a relationship. Nearly one-third of consumers contacted said that the phisher had posed as a financial institution, while one in 10 reported that the phisher had impersonated a credit card company. Other entities, such as retailers, mortgage or financial services companies, government agencies, Internet service providers, or payments service companies, were represented to a lesser degree. To learn more about identity theft visit: “”:

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