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SkyPoints Card

You can now land a big discount on a discount airline. A new credit card is taking off that enables consumers to purchase the lowest fare on any Delta flight and then apply a discount up to $375. American Express and Delta this week introduced the new card that provides discounts on Delta, Delta Connection, Delta Shuttle, and Song. The new “SkyPoints Credit Card” enables cardholders to earn points that can be redeemed toward discounts, in the form of a statement credit from American Express, on Delta airline tickets. The redemptions range from 3,000 “SkyPoints” for a 10% discount, to 20,000 “SkyPoints” for a 75% discount. The discounts are limited to the first $500 of the ticket price. Cardholders can also convert “SkyPoints” to their “SkyMiles” account to earn miles toward free Delta travel. Cardholders earn one point for all purchases, and double “SkyPoints” on everyday purchases. Cardholders also receive a 2,500 “SkyPoints” welcome bonus with their first purchase, and another 2,500 upon first year renewal. The “SkyPoints Credit Card” carries a $49 annual fee after the first year. For more information visit: “”

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