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Discover China

While Discover credit cards are generally not accepted outside the USA, a new deal will soon enable cardholders to make purchases and get ATM cash in China. As part of the deal, cardholders of China UnionPay will eventually be able to use their cards in the USA. The agreement calls for Discover cards to be accepted at 80,000 China UnionPay ATMs and at 365,000 retail merchants in China, while China UnionPay cards will be accepted on Discover’s “PULSE” network of 250,000 ATMs in the USA. Discover says both companies will also pursue ways to enable acceptance of China UnionPay cards on Discover’s point-of-sale network in the USA. There are more than 800 million China UnionPay cards issued in China and more than 50 million Discover cards issued in the USA. Discover, with more than four million merchant acceptance locations, is primarily a domestic U.S. card with some acceptance in the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada. For more information, visit “” ; “” ; or, “”

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