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Sheetz blink

Holy Sheetz Batman! You can now buy stuff in a convenience store in a blink instead of in a jiffy. Pennsylvania-based Sheetz has become the first retailer to launch a cobranded contactless credit card and to accept the three major “tap’n go” payment systems. The new “Sheetz MasterCard with blink,” issued by Chase, features the “Sheetz Rewards” program, which includes the ability to earn free gas with every purchase. The “Sheetz MasterCard” rewards program also offers cardholders a variety of other rewards, including free Sheetz food, a 10% rebate on Sheetz purchases for the first 60 days and three percent thereafter. With the new “blink” card, cardholders can pay for purchases at Sheetz in-store and at the pump by simply tapping their card on, or holding their card near, a specially equipped terminal called the “Z-Pass” station. The new card eliminates the need for customers to hand over their payment card to a store employee, manually swipe it through a reader, or fumble for cash and coins. In January, Sheetz became the first retailer in the nation to adopt acceptance of MasterCard “PayPass.” Additionally, Sheetz has rolled out American Express’ “ExpressPay” in all of its 305 stores nationwide. For more information visit: “”:

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