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Consumers are apparently warming up to the idea of using credit cards to make rent payments. A new survey has found that a significant percentage of consumers would chose an apartment lease based on whether or not there was an automatic rent credit card payment program offered. The American Express survey found that 27% of AmEx cardholders stated that an automatic rent program would have a major impact on their decision to renew a lease compared with 17% for residents without an AmEx card. About 40% of AmEx cardholders in the survey stated that if choosing between two apartments, they would be extremely or very likely to rent one that offered an automatic credit card payment program compared to 29% for residents without an AmEx card. In a ranking of various amenities offered at many luxury rental properties, the ability to pay on a card that offers rewards ranked second among all amenities, behind only recreational facilities and above concierge services or clubhouse and social activities.

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