Consumer Payment Card News


A new card enables teens to learn, play and pay. The new “FIRM Prepaid VISA” features a two-tiered curriculum (10 interactive chapters) designed to teach smart money management skills, enabling teens to practice the skills they learn in a safe, secure manner. The new card also offers parents options to set spending restrictions and monitor spending. Parents can set the card up to be funded automatically from their bank account, like an automatic allowance. The card carries a $69.95 annual fee. However, there is no fee for the first four ATM withdrawals, reloads or ATM balance inquiries each month. Ecount, the card provider, also does not charge a fee for the first six POS transactions each month. The average cost of the card is less than $6 per month, significantly lower than other prepaid cards which charge fees for each card event or transaction. For more information visit: “”:

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