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JetBlue Card

JetBlue’s first credit card program took off today offering consumers a way to earn free flights from flying and buying. The “JetBlue Card from American Express” earns “Award Points” which are automatically converted to “TrueBlue” points. For every 200 “Award Dollars” earned the cardholder receives one “TrueBlue” point. A free flight requires 100 “TrueBlue” point. New cardholders receive 5,000 “Award Dollars” (equal to 25 “TrueBlue” points) with the first purchase on the card. One “Award Dollar” is earned for every eligible dollar spent on the card and double “Award Dollars” are earned for JetBlue flight purchases and certain other purchases. The card carries a $40 annual fee and an interest rate for purchases equal to prime +9.99%. For more information visit: “”:

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