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Venus vs Mars

When it comes to credit card perks, men and women are from two different planets. A new study has found that most men (25-34yrs) prefer cash-back, while the most alluring feature for women is points redeemable for travel, stuff and such. However, among “GenY” men, the most appealing incentive is receiving points, while women (18-24yrs) prefer an initial sign-up bonus such as a rebate or coupon. Among all cardholders, 22% find earning points for merchandise/airline tickets as the most appealing when selecting a credit card, while 21% want money-back. The findings come from a recent credit card study by Maryland-based marketing specialist Vertis. The study also found that getting an extended or higher limit on a credit card was only appealing to 8% of cardholders and the status of the card (gold/platinum) appealed to only 7%.

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