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Travel Benefits

Most cardholders do not realize that most major credit cards carry special benefits for travelers. Among the biggest benefit to using credit cards while traveling is that they offer the safest way to make transactions and if a credit card is lost or stolen, consumers can get a new one, usually within 24 hours. Plus, if unauthorized charges are made, cardholders generally won’t be held responsible. Other benefits include: “Auto Rental Insurance,” “Travel Accident Insurance,” “Travel and Emergency Assistance,” “Roadside Assistance,” and “Purchase Assurance.” The ad hoc group, Your Credit Card Companies, also suggests that travelers bring different credit cards from separate accounts. When a card is lost or stolen and must be canceled, all cards on the account are canceled as well. Having at least two cards from separate accounts can save time and hassle. Your Credit Card Companies includes Chase, Citigroup, Discover, MasterCard, and MBNA. For other travel tips visit: “”:

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