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3-in-1 Offer

Competition is heating up among the three major credit bureaus for delivering the highest value credit monitoring service. Trans Union has just introduced a new service that offers unlimited access to the credit reports and scores of all three bureaus for less than $120 per year. Trans Union is also sweetening up the offer by giving away the first month. The latest offer from Trans Union is unprecedented in its breadth of benefits. Equifax also offers access to all three bureaus for $129.95 per year, but unlimited access is only available for Equifax reports and only credit scores from Equifax are included. Experian offers access to all three bureaus for $34.95 which includes one score from Experian. Experian also offers three credit bureau monitoring through its “Triple Advantage” and “Triple Alert” products. For more information on the services offered by the three major credit bureaus, visit: “”, “” or “”

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