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Minimum Payments

A new survey suggests the impact of higher minimum credit card payments may only affect 10% of U.S. cardholders. However, other previous surveys indicate that as many as 39% of Americans may be making minimum payments. The new survey, commissioned by the American Bankers Association, showed that 42% of cardholders pay-off their credit card balances in full each month. Approximately one-third revolve card balances and pay more than the minimum amount. Six percent of customers on occasion make minimum payments. And just 4% pay only the minimum due each month. The study of 1,000 consumers, conducted in late July, also found that 31% of consumers chose debit cards and 18% prefer credit cards at the point of sale. Thirty-seven percent of consumers choose cash more often and 14% still use checks. One-year ago the “Cambridge Consumer Credit Index” found that 39% of consumers with revolving credit card balances were making minimum payments and that 39% of Americans were paying off their credit card balances in full each month. The research also found that among revolvers, 39% paid less than half the balance owed but more than the minimum, while 19% paid more than half their balances.

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