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Gift Card Pulse

This year gift cards have ranked as #4 among the list of favorite items consumers plan to give during the holiday season. About 57% of Americans plan to purchase gift cards this year, spending on average $339. According to a new American Express survey, more than half of gift card recipients want a universal gift card that can be used anywhere rather than a card that is accepted at a particular store. AmEx says the growing popularity of gift cards parallels rising interest in giving and getting experiences such as tickets to a sporting event, a class, membership in a cultural institution, or travel. More people will be giving experiential gifts this year (30% up from 23% last year), according to the survey. Experiential gifts are particularly popular among younger consumers, age 18 to 44, and in higher income households. More than half of shoppers (57%) agreed that gift cards are a cool gift. For more information on American Express gift cards visit:

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