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Virtual Olympics

The Olympic Winter Games are already underway – in the virtual world, that is. VISA has launched an online game that pits players from 23 countries in an international competition. The “VISA Championships-Torino 2006” will take the national winner (and a friend) of each country to the “Olympic Winter Games” in Torino for a chance to be crowned global champion. You must be at least 18 to play and the contest runs through December 15th. The “VISA Championships-Torino 2006” challenges players to master three Olympic Winter Sports online: Bobsleigh, Giant Slalom (Alpine Skiing), and Snowboard Cross (Snowboarding). Players must progress through multiple preliminary rounds and then compete in the national competition. In each country, the player with the lowest combined time across all three sports in the national competition will travel to Torino, Italy, as a guest of VISA to attend the “Olympic Winter Games” and compete head-to-head against the other country winners on February 15th. To play, visit: “”

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