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Charges = Status

If airline status is your game, then you might want to shell out $50 and board the elite status flight on United. Between November 20th and December 28th you can earn miles toward elite membership status in the United “Mileage Plus” program by using your “Mileage Plus VISA.” Cardholders who spend $10,000 with their card during the period will earn a maximum of 5,000 “Elite Qualifying Miles” (EQM) and 5 “Elite Qualifying Segments” (EQS). Members can also receive special rewards by meeting certain thresholds by December 31st. There is a one-time $50 fee to participate in the offer. When customers earn 25,000 EQM and 30 EQS on United in a calendar year, they attain “Premier” status. If they earn 50,000 EQM and 60 EQS, they attain “Premier Executive” status; and if they earn 100,000 EQM and 100 EQS, they attain “1K” status in the “Mileage Plus” program. For more information and full terms and conditions, visit: “”:

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