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Gift Card Usage

More than half of Americans who received a gift card during the holiday season used it to purchase something they would not normally buy and nearly half of consumers spent more than the value of the gift card. A new study has determined that 82% gave or received gift cards this holiday season and 66% both gave and received them. The report from Accenture also found that 81% of respondents said they have already used their gift cards, 43% said they planned to spend their gift cards within one month of receiving them and 63% said they planned to spend the entire value of their gift cards in a single store visit. Almost three-quarters of respondents said they gave between one and six cards this holiday season and 91% said they went to a store to purchase a gift card. Accenture says 85% of respondents purchased gift cards for amounts up to $50, but only 12% spent between $51 and $100 and 3% spent more than $100.

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