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ID Fraud

A new research report has found that the occurrences of identity fraud continues to decline. In the last twelve months, 8.9 million American adults (4.0% of the U.S. adult population) became victims of identity fraud, an 11.9% decrease from 2003. The report from Javelin Strategy & Research also found that 68% of victims continue to incur no costs related to their fraud cases, while average consumer costs have declined by 24% to $422. The average resolution time for resolving fraud cases has increased substantially, from 33 hours in 2003 to 40 hours in 2006. The faster a fraud case is detected, the lower the fraud amount and consumer costs. About 47% of cases are detected by the victims first. Compared to notification by others, self-detection by the victim results in 35% shorter detection times and 36% lower consumer costs. Approximately 17% of cases are not detected at all until a creditor contacts the victim or until the victim applies for credit and is denied.

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