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The personal impact of identity theft will be brought to life with the release this weekend of action thriller “Firewall.” Security specialist Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) works for the Seattle-based Landrock Pacific Bank. A trusted top-ranking executive, he has built his career and reputation on designing the most effective anti-theft computer systems in the industry, protecting the bank’s financial holdings from the constant threat of increasingly sophisticated Internet hackers with his complex network of tracers, access codes and firewalls. Jack’s position affords a comfortable life for him, his architect wife Beth (VIRGINIA MADSEN) and their two young children – a standard of living that includes a beautiful home in a residential community just outside the city. But there’s a vulnerability in Jack’s system that he has not accounted for: himself. It’s a vulnerability that very ruthless and resourceful thief is poised to exploit. Jack discovers that a thief has stolen his identity while reviewing his Equifax credit report. The movie opens February 10th. This is also National Consumer Protection Week.

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